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Pet Stain Removal New York

A dog, a cat or any other pet is a beloved member of the family, and they might be perfect in your yes, but that does not mean accidents don't occur. Even after house training a puppy or teaching a cat to use the litter box, accidents may pop up once in a while. NYCarpet Cleaning offers a pet stain cleaning service because regular old stain cleaners are not designed to interact with the biological elements of animal urine and excrement.

Challenges of Pet Accidents

When a pet urinates on the carpet in a home, it may start as an accident but can escalate into a habit. Unfortunately, pets tend to return to the same spot to mark territory and warn other animals away. Fluffy may love you, but he does not care a bit about your carpet or your furniture. This means he will probably keep coming back to use that area of the house as a place to mark by urinating on the same spot.

Since animals have a greater sense of smell than humans, what you smell as a freshly sprayed and cleaned pet stain meets no challenge to your pet's senses. The challenge here is removing a pet stain from every layer of your carpet, down to the padding. You can't do that, but we can. We have the equipment and the cleaning solutions to do it quickly and affordably, too.

Why Work With a Professional?

A professional carpet cleaner eliminates two main problems that come with pets: removing the stain and removing the scent. The stain removal is evident immediately after the carpet is cleaned. Scent removal is guaranteed, which means your cat or dog will not return to the same spot and use it to mark their territory in the future. Don't worry, they won't miss it, and neither will you!

Untreated pet stains can result in significant financial costs. Removing and replacing carpet is serious business and these kinds of accidents are not covered by insurance companies.

Don't take the risk, get it fixed today! Call now for a free price estimate!

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